About Us!


Hey, guys! My name is Paul and I write the articles for Experimentation Animale. I’ve been writing since I was a young kid in high school, and I’ve never stopped! It’s funny because I grew up writing in my notebook, with an actual pencil, but now technology has really advanced, and most writing is on the internet now. It’s sad because there’s something so special about writing your thought and ideas down on paper. I still have a notebook next to my bed that I write in every night because it helps the wandering thoughts stop. My suggestion to you all is, write in a notebook! It’s amazing when you get in a habit of doing it how much better you feel.

Although I do love writing with a pen and paper, I do love blogging as well. I love the fact that so many people in this world can see your work so easily with modern technology. It’s an amazing revolution, and I’m happy to say that we’re all living through it! So I encourage you, don’t be afraid to voice your opinions to the world. If you’re scared, start with a notebook and write privately to yourself, and then when you’re ready, make a blog! You’ll be amazed at all the positive feedback you get from writing and sharing your thoughts to the world. Hope you all have a good day!