Cheating Wife Gets Busted

These hoes ain’t loyal; in recent weeks, many affairs were exposed due to the Ashley Madison hack, but there’s one incredible case that wasn’t uncovered by the hack, but rather by two sly sisters.

What I’m talking about is that there was a lady at an Atlanta Braves game with her husband who got caught sexting some guy who wasn’t her husband. Yeah, so the woman goes to a baseball game with her husband, sits right next to him, and decides it’s a good time to hit up good ol’ “Mark Allan”, the guy she’s having an affair with.

Clearly, this lady is incredibly stupid; she not only sexts someone in a public place where she can easily be seen doing it, but she felt like it was okay to do it right next to her husband, who wasn’t on the receiving end of any of the sexts.

In come Delana and Brynn Hinson, two sisters who happened to be at the same Atlanta Braves ball game as the disloyal hoe.

I think it’s fair to assume they went to the game to have a good time and watch their home squad play nine innings, and that no sleuthing would be involved. Well, sleuthing was very much involved here.

The Hinson sisters happened to have tickets to seats directly behind the disloyal hoe and her unsuspecting husband, and this is where things get juicy.

I didn’t take very long for the woman to start sexting this guy named “Mark Allan”, as the girls first saw her do it and tweeted about it at 6:09, not long after the game started. This cheating wife can’t even wait for the bottom half of the first inning before sexting some guy?

It gets crazier from there; the woman continues to sext this guy, who is named “Nancy” in the woman’s contacts, which might be the only smart thing she’s ever done, although it’s still pretty stupid. As she continues to cheat on her husband three inches away from him, the sisters start to see more messages.

They discover that his name is Mark Allan, and before long one of the sisters decides they should let the husband know about what’s going on behind his back (well, directly next to him but you get the point).

Taking the team roster of the Los Angeles Dodgers (who were playing the Braves that night), one of the sisters wrote a message to the husband, notifying him of how disloyal his hoe is being right now.

Once the game was over, the girls took their chance to deliver the message. Leaving the stadium, one of the sisters handed the message to the man while his hoe of a wife was walking in front of them, so she didn’t see it.

Your wife is cheating on you. look at the messages under Nancy,” read the message. “It’s really a man named Mark Allen.” I think we can all imagine how gut-wrenching that must’ve been for the poor guy.

For some reason, he gave them a thumbs up and then left. Not sure if that was a thumbs-up-worthy moment, but who cares.

The sisters also gave the man their cell numbers in case he wanted to see the pictures they took of the sexts. As of this point, he has not reached out to the girls and they don’t know what the outcome of their actions was.

Hopefully, he divorced the bish and kicked her to the curb. Apparently, they’d been married for 29 years, and some guy named Mark Allan (a terrible name, in my opinion) was worth ending all of that. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than meeting a cheating wife.

These hoes sure ain’t loyal, let me tell ya.

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